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Powered by MicrogamingTM, High Streak European Blackjack Gold is an exhilarating variation of the regular European Blackjack. Top rated Golden Riviera Casinos offer this exciting online blackjack game that brings together the well-known Euro blackjack gold rules with the cool High Streak spin that rewards players for all successive winnings. Boasting an inspiring classic casino theme that brings the perfect balance of aesthetics and unparalleled blackjack experience – this online blackjack game is ideal for the blackjack veterans.

High Streak European Blackjack Gold Online Canada

High Streak Euro Blackjack Gold: How to Play

Similar to any online blackjack game, the rules of High Streak Euro Blackjack Gold are the same – hit 21 and beat the dealer. What some might not know, the dealer always stands on 17, this means that players can dominate numbers between 18-21! High Streak Euro Blackjack Gold boasts side bets which advance on up to four Bonus Betting Spots. Each Betting Spot offers a payout that ranges from 1:1 up to 10:1. A player’s wagering decisions from one Betting Spot to another is sorely based on the success rate of each succeeding hand. In other words, the longer the “winning streak”, the bigger the payout.

With High Streak Euro Blackjack Gold, the first High Streak side bet must be placed in a black Betting Spot together with a standard Blackjack Wager. Should this hand be successful, the player is then paid on their standard bet and their side bets continue to the first Bonus Betting Spot (pays 1:1). Here a player can make a second standard Blackjack bet, with the option of placing another side bet in the blank Betting Spot. Should a side bet reach the final Bonus Betting Spot and the player’s hand wins, the first side bet is then returned to the player together with the 10:1 payout.

Play High Streak Euro Blackjack Gold

Enjoy the High Streak Euro Blackjack Gold at a premier recommended Golden Riviera Casino by playing an online blackjack game like no other.