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Learning the basic skill and techniques of how to play roulette online can be valuable for any player looking to optimise their game strategies. Golden Riviera Casino offers numerous hints and tips for learning the basics.

Roulette Table and Wheel

Roulette History

The history of roulette is one that combines facts with old-fashioned legends. Roulette means “little wheel” in French and first originated in the 18th century. It has been suggested that the little wheel offers enormous excitement and hope.

It was first developed by Blaise Pascal, a Frenchmen who invented the wheel while studying probability. The first form of the roulette wheel was known as a perpetual motion machine. After undergoing a few modifications, it became the roulette wheel.

The game as we know it today was first seen in Paris as early as 1796 when it was a game for the royalty. These first types of roulette wheels contained pockets between the numbers of 0 and 36. However, as the game made it way around the world, many casinos of the time were not too fond of the house and so they added a double zero to the wheel.

By the 1800’s, roulette made its way throughout Europe and America, with some tables using the double zero pocket. However, despite the double zero feature on certain roulette wheels, many casino patrons preferred playing at roulette tables with a single zero. Today, it is widely considered that the American format of roulette uses the double zero format, while the European and French variants use the single zero pocket.

Despite the developments the game has seen over time, one thing has remained the same. The game offers major excitement with incredible lucrative payouts.

How to Play Roulette Step-by-Step

Step 1

No matter what variant of roulette casino patrons choose to play, the objective remains the same, selecting which pocket the ball will land in. Before wagering any real money, it will be a good idea to learn all these betting options. There are numerous possibilities, including choosing the number, colour, or whether the number will be even or odd.

Step 2

Before the roulette wheel is spun, players will be permitted to place their bets. Once all bets have been placed, players will be able to push the spin the button. The roulette wheel will then start spinning.

Step 3

Once the roulette wheel stops spinning, winning wagers will be determined.

Step 4

All winning bets will be paid and the losing bets will be collected. Once this has been done, a new round will begin.

Betting Options

When placing bets, there are a number of different options and these options are as follows.

  • Inside Bets: These bets are the ones based on the inside of the roulette wheel. They allow players to place bets on straight up numbers or combinations of numbers.
  • Straight up Bets: These are bets placed on individual numbers and pay 35:1.
  • Split Bets: These are bets placed on two numbers and pay 17:1.
  • Street Bets: These bets are also known as line bets. To make these bets, players are required to place their chips on the vertical line which separates the inside and outside bets.
  • Corner Bets: These bets are also known as quad bets. These bets cover four numbers by players placing their chips in the position that it is touching the four corners of the numbers.
  • Basket Bets: These bets cover five numbers; 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • Double Street Bets: This bet covers 6 numbers and can be done by players placing their chip on the line separating the outside and inside area.
  • Outside Bets: These are bets made on the pockets on the outside area of the roulette wheel.
  • Red and Black Bets: These are bets placed on the ball landing on either any black or red number.
  • Even or Odd Bets: These are bets placed on the ball landing on any even or odd number.
  • Dozens Bets: These bets cover 12 consecutive numbers by casino patrons placing their bet in the boxes marked 1-12, 13-24, 25-36.
  • Column Bets: These bets also cover 12 numbers but in vertical columns. To make these wagers, players need to place their chips at the bottom of the table layout.

Roulette Tips from Golden Riviera Casino

Golden Riviera Casino offers gamblers a number of 2018’s best hints and tricks to players willing to learn the casino game. These hints and tricks will ensure you develop the most valuable strategies and techniques. Learn to play the best possible real money bets at Golden Riviera Casino.