Double Bonus Poker

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Double Bonus Poker caters to players who are looking for a fairly standard version of video poker, but one that offers a small twist to spice things up. Namely, in Double Bonus Poker there are certain four-of-a-kind hands that will pay out extra money.

Developed by MicrogamingTM, leaders in the online casino industry, the graphics are not flashy or spectacular, but they are very easy to see and understand, while animations and sound effects are quite good.

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Double Bonus Poker Features

Double Bonus Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck, with no jokers. Before each round, the deck is shuffled to ensure the player has a completely random hand of cards. Once the hand is dealt, players can then choose which cards they’d like to keep and which they’ll discard.

The bonus wins in Double Bonus are awarded for a four-of-a-kind; Fives through Kings, four-of-a-kind; twos through fours, and four-of-a-kind; Aces, which pays the largest bonus.

On top of this, players will also be given a chance to play the optional bonus game, where four cards will be dealt face down, and one card will be face up, the dealer’s card. Players then choose one of the four cards and if it has a higher value than the dealer’s card, their winnings are immediately doubled.

Play Double Bonus Poker Today

Double Bonus Poker is great for players who really enjoy the standard version of poker, but want something that is slightly different to make things a little more exciting

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