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Online Slots Real Money

Casino games are very popular among gamblers in Canada. The slot machine, in particular, provides players with hours of entertainment and great instant rewards. Slot machines are informally known as fruit machines or one-armed bandits. This original format of the slot casino game came in a 3-reel design, which players would spin by pulling the level located on the side of the slot machine. However, with technological advancements slot games have evolved into something that is conveniently accessible and brings the casinos of Monaco right to your living room.

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Types of Online Slot Games

Playing slots online can be a very exciting experience, especially when you consider the amount if different types of slot games there are to choose from.

The most popular variants at Golden Riviera Casino Canada include; 3-reel, 5-reel, and progressive slots.

3-Reel Online Slots

3-Reel Slots are the most classic form of slot machines, otherwise commonly known as; fruit slot machines or one-armed bandits. These types of slot machines contain only three turning drums and a handful of icons. Playing these machines on the web may offer players more variety and lower wagering requirements. Some of the most popular three reel online slot games include; Mystery Joker, Cash Splash, Flying Ace, Triple Magic, and Legacy Classic.

5-Reel Online Slots

5-Reel slot games are more complex than the traditional three-reel format. However, these slots offer players multiple payline options ranging all the way up to 1024 ways to win. These slots feature massive jackpots that could potentially change your life as you know it. This is due to the advancements 5-reel slots feature, which creates more opportunities to win. When spinning the reels of these slot games players can look forward to bonuses such as free spins, bonus rounds, wilds, scatters, and a whole lot more fun. Popular 5-reel slots include; Gemix, Big Break, Jurassic Park, Pimped, and Immortal Romance.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines are machines which do not feature a fixed jackpot. The jackpot will increase gradually each time a player wagers on it. These jackpots have the potential to reach millions of dollars. However, when wagering on these slot machines, players should always wager the maximum to be eligible for the full progressive jackpot. Most popular progressive slot games include; Fruit Fiesta 3-Reel, Diamond, Cash Splash, and Lotsaloot.

Our blockbuster slot games such as Thunderstruck and Game of Thrones use scatter symbols based on the characters of the movie. The stakes are always high at Golden Riviera Casino. Come and place your maximum bets on our high-definition slot machines!

Slot machine history in Canada

The first ever slot machine that gave a pathway to the game many gamblers down under know and love today was developed somewhere between 1887 and 1895. Charles Fey designed this slot machine in San Francisco. It contained three spinning reels and a total of five symbols; Horseshoes, Diamonds, Spades, Heart, and a Liberty Bell. This gave the slot machine its name, the Liberty Bell, which was an instant hit.

Slot Machines in Mainstream

With slot machines catching on like wildfire, it was not long before investors saw this as a business opportunity. With so many operators entering the market it would cause increased competition. Each provider would always try to outdo the other regarding design, style, and payouts. These slots were often played by casual gamblers, while table games were more closely related to high roller players. By the 1940’s slot machines were so advanced, the revenues generated from these casino games was far greater than any other casino game. From here on the possibilities were endless.

In 1963, the first electromechanical slot machine was invented by Bally Manufacturing. This machine was called the Money Honey. It was the first machine to payout jackpots automatically and was more advanced than before. It was also the start of slot machines featuring noises and lights, which make slot such an attractive choice.

From here, it took over a decade to see the next major upgrade in slot machines. These machines allowed players to use bills instead of coins. These slot machines were also the first to introduce bonus features. Once can easily say, these machines were the foundation for the slots that we love and enjoy today both in land based casinos and online casinos.

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Introduction of Online Slots

In the 1990’s the biggest modern breakthrough happened with the introduction of online casinos and online slots. Online slots feature bigger bonuses and more winning opportunities. This evolution boomed the popularity of slots all over Canada with online casinos popping up at a rapid pace.

Slot Games Today

Today, players can even enjoy spinning the reels of their favourite slot games with mobile gambling. This means no matter where you find yourself; you can stay entertained with hundreds of different slot games. These slots can be enjoyed from any of the latest iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, or Windows mobile device!

Slot Machine Rules

All casino games come with a set of rules. They are put in place to tell players how to play the game and what is required of them to walk away with the jackpot. Playing slot games are no exception.

The ringing bells, flashing lights, and the chance of winning life changing payouts at one press of a button have made this casino gambling game one of the most popular Internet games of all time. To enjoy slot machines to their capacity, it would be beneficial to familiarise yourself with the rules and different types of slot variants available at Internet sites.

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How to Play Slots

Before you can start spinning the reels, players will need to deposit real money into their online casino account. Players can then place their wager on the slot they have chosen to spin. Players can wager up to five coins per spin, per payline. However, this may vary from slot machine to slot machine. Once the wager has been placed and the number of paylines has been selected, players will be able to press the spin button. The reels will spin, while players wait anxiously to see what fortune is in store for them. When a paying combination appears, players will receive the relevant payout before they can start spinning the reels again.

To be eligible for the maximum jackpot payout, the maximum wager needs to be placed. In the instance of playing a progressive jackpot online slot game, it would be in the best interest of players to place the maximum wager.

Players will be presented with a number of bonus symbols that will trigger bonus features. These bonus features may come in a variety of different forms such as; wild symbols, sticky and expanding wilds, scatter symbols, multipliers, free spins, bonus games, and progressive jackpots.

In most instances, the Wild and Scatter symbols are your special icons which trigger the bonus games. While the expanding and sticky wilds will increase your winning potential. Once the bonus feature, such as free spins has been triggered players will be taken to a second screen where they will play out the feature. Once the bonus feature has been completed, players will be returned to the base game.

The Odds of Winning with Internet Slot Machines

The odds of winning with online slots are far better today than previously. Some advancements led to this innovation. For starters, there is a random number generator (RNG) placed on all slot machines. This RNG continuously produces random numbers which relate to the icons on the reels. Effectively, this ensures that each spin is completely random and fair. Furthermore, the addition of bonus features such as wilds and free spins also play favour into the pockets of the players, as they offer even more ways of winning. However, despite this, calculating the odds of winning is not all that easy. There are still certain factors which may be against the player.

Slot Machine Buttons

There is a number of different of variants available such as 3-reel and 5-reel, along with different payline options. Despite these various kinds of gameplay one thing remains the same, the slot machine layout and buttons.

  • + and -: This button will be selected when placing wagers. This will either increase (+) or decrease (-) the total amount wagered per spin.
  • Auto Start/ Auto Stop: This is the button players will select to start spinning the reels automatically for a specified amount of times. Players will also select the same button when they wish to stop the auto spin.
  • Bet Max: Selecting this button will automatically select the maximum amount of coins and paylines available in the slot game.
  • Bet Per Line: Pressing this button will increase the payline wager by one coin.
  • Lines: This button will be used when players wish to increase the number of paylines they want to wager on.
  • Collect: Players will select this button when they ready to call it a day and claim their remaining credits.
  • Gamble: This is a type of bonus feature that will allow players to either double or quadruple their winnings.
  • Spin/ Stop: This button will either start (Spin) or stop (Stop) spinning the reels. When the reels stop it will display the game’s result, should there be a successful spin, players will receive the respective payout before they can spin again.

Slot Machine Glossary

  • All Ways: The different ways a player can win with. The term is closely associated with slot machines that offer players the ways to win format.
  • Bet: The amount of money or coins a player wagers on a slot machine.
  • Bet Max: A button that allows players to bet the maximum amount of coins and paylines automatically.
  • Coins: The currency used by players to bet on slots.
  • Coins per line: A number of coins players wager on a particular payline or multiple paylines.
  • Coins per spin: The amount of coins a player chooses to wager per spin.
  • Fixed Value: These types of slot machines offer players a fixed wager
  • Fruit Machines: A term used to describe slot machines that use fruit as symbols on the reels.
  • Hit: This is when a player spins the reels in hopes of landing a winning combination.
  • Hold: This is an action a player can take whereby they hold one reel and re-spin the other two or four reels.
  • Jackpot: The largest amount of money a player can win in a slot game for landing a specific
  • Multiplier: This is a bonus feature rewarded to players in certain slot games which multiply the payout by the amount specified.
  • Nudge: A type of bonus feature that allows players to nudge a reel in a particular direction for anther symbol to fall onto the reels.
  • One-Arm Bandit: A term used to describe a traditional slot machine.
  • Payline: A payline is the line that is made up of a winning combination of symbols that entitle the player to a payout.
  • Reels: The barrels on a slot machine that spin. Each reel contains icons which payout when they form a specific
  • Symbol: A term used to describe the picture that appears on the reels.
  • Wager: This is another term used to describe bet. It is the amount of money a player places on a slot machine per spin.

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Slot Machine FAQs

Do online slots have fixed outcomes?

The answer to this is simply no. This is due to the development of the random number generator (RNG), which dictates the outcome of each spin. However, slot games, like any other casino game are programmed to payout a certain percentage of the money it collects each time a gambler wagers on it. For instance, if the slot is programmed to with a 90% payout percentage, it is likely to payout €0.90 for each €1 wagered.

What is a Random Number Generator?

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a piece of software installed into online slot machines. The RNG will run in the background to continuously produce random numbers every split second. The numbers will form sequences which determine the outcome of the spin.

What are the most important Elements of a slot?

Before spinning the reels of any slot machine online, players should take into consideration the following features; the number of reels (three or five), the number of paylines (there may be up to 1024 ways to win), the coin size (the amount of money required to wager on the slot), and the pay table (to know what combinations you will need to land in order to receive the relevant payout).

How to play a bonus feature on a slot?

Bonus games or rounds are that are triggered during the base game of the slot machine when certain combinations and icons land on the reels. Such bonus rounds come in an array of different features such as; free spins, multipliers, or even instant cash rewards.

How do progressive slot machines work?

Progressive slot machines are slots that do not feature a fixed jackpot. These jackpots will increase gradually each time a gambler wagers on it. To be eligible to claim the progressive jackpot, players will need to have wagered the maximum.

What is a payline?

A payline is the line that runs either across or diagonal the slot machine screen. When the reels stop spinning, the icons will have to match across the active paylines (the ones wagered on) to receive a relevant payout. The more traditional slots only feature one payline, while online slots today feature multiple lines that players can wager on.

What is a pay table?

A pay table is a table located next to the reels displaying the winning combinations specific for the slot game being played and the relevant payout.

What is a Scatter Symbol?

Scatter symbols are special icons that can be found in certain slot games. This icon can pay in any position and have the ability to trigger bonus features such as free Spins or multiplier payouts.

What is a Wild Symbol?

A wild symbol is another type of special icon, but it works differently to the scatter symbol. The wild icon has the ability to act as an alternative symbol for all other symbols on the reels, except for the scatter. Effectively, this helps players pocket even greater payouts.

Is there a good time of the day to play slot machines?

The answer here is simply no. Due to Internet casino sites serving a large international market, this is not possible. Players may be playing in the day time from their home country, but it may be an evening for other players spinning the reels from their home country at the same time. This makes it impossible to say there’s a good time to play slot games.

Why do high-rollers avoid slot games?

High roller professional gamblers tend to avoid slot machines as they prefer a little more of a challenge. They also seem to go for the games where strategy and skill matter. Such games include; Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and Baccarat. These casino games also offer better wagering requirements with a lower house edge.

Slot Machine Playing Tips

Play for Fun. Never go into a gambling game with the expectation of winning. The casino always has a calculated edge over the players, so you should always aim to have fun more than anything else.

Budget. Set yourself a budget, which should indicate the amount of money you are willing to lose. You should never wager money that is needed for other monthly expenses such as rent, food, or anything else you may need to pay.

Understand the slot machine. When trying out a new slot machine, try to wager the least amount of money until you are familiar with the gameplay of the slot machine. However, it is always a good idea to explore different slot machines and become familiar with them until you find one that suits your budget and game style.

Take Breaks. It is never a good idea to play slot machines or any other casino game for prolonged periods of time. You should always take breaks to regain your focus and concentration. You should also never play when you are feeling tired.

Free Play. If you are looking to try a new online slot game, always try it out on free play mode first. This gives you the chance to get familiar with the game and the bonus features before trying it out for real money.

Save. Once you have hit a big winning combination, players should not withdraw all their funds. Keep a portion of the winnings in your bankroll to save depositing funds into your bankroll again. However, only do this once you are full happy with what you have.