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Double Double Bonus 50 Play Power Poker

Double Double Bonus 50 Play Power Poker

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to one of the most advanced poker tables you’ll ever see. This is Double Double Bonus 50 Play Power Poker, a multi-hand video poker experience that has become world famous thanks to its extra generous paytables that have been known to yield better results than even the most generous power poker paytables.

Powered by MicrogamingTM Software, Double Double Bonus 50 Play Power Poker will delight players with some cutting-edge graphics, animations, and sound effects that craft an immersive poker experience.

Double Double Bonus 50 Play Power Poker Features

MicrogamingTM has painstakingly created this game that brings together the best elements from, multi-hand, double bonus, and power poker to create one of the most amazing experiences you’ll find. Players will be rewarded with extra generous payouts for certain four-of-a-kind combinations and with 50 separate hands to bet on; players stand a fantastic chance of scooping up an epic payout.

Players will be dealt 50 hands from 50 separate 52 card decks. Players have the choice to bet on and play as many hands as they want. There’s also the thrilling Double Bonus game that players can participate in after they have won a hand. This will deal four cards face down and one card face up, with the player choosing one of the four hidden cards and if it has a higher value than the visible card, their winnings will be doubled.

Play Double Double Bonus 50 Play Power Poker at Golden Riviera Casino

Just imagine the payout from 50 winning hands, plus the Double bonus game, how can you not want to jump right into Double Double Bonus 50 Play Power Poker.

Enjoy it today at Golden Riviera Casino and claim your fantastic welcome bonus, as well as great daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses.